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Transition: Living Through the Age of Rapid Technological Change

“We are in a moment of transition.”

No question about it: Technology is changing the world we live in. It’s changing the way we communicate, the way we shop, the way we find love and it’s changing the way we work.

According to Noah Brier, co-founder of content marketing agency Percolate, this current “moment of transition” is an opportunity for businesses — and marketers in particular.

“For marketers this means two things: First, as a core function of the business and owner of the message, this explosion in communications technology falls squarely in their wheelhouse and gives them new opportunities to prove their value to the organization. Secondly, to achieve this, marketers will need to rethink the way they operate as the core channels (local to global), audiences (millions to billions), and content (stock to stock & flow) they once worked through shifts under their feet.”

So when Percolate decided to host its first conference, Brier and co-founder James Gross thought it appropriate to name the conference Transition. Gross says the idea is to reflect on where we’ve come from with regard to the technology and where technology is going.

He says we’ve already gone through two cycles with technology. The first included basic browsing and email. Social was the second wave, which added identity to the web ecosystem. The third wave, Gross says, is mobile, which has the potential to increase connectivity to the social Web all over the world.

“This year marks the 25th anniversary of the World Wide Web,” he says, adding that by August, there will be more than three billion people with access to the Internet. And in the next five years, Gross says that number is expected to grow to six billion, thanks to smartphones and mobile. “What took 25 years to get three billion, in the next five years, we will double the amount of people on the Internet.”

Indeed, the old structure isn’t working. Even systems from five years ago are becoming obsolete. The change resulting from technology is constant and accelerating. The challenge for marketers is to learn to use technology and develop new systems to create content that will reach six billion people around the globe.

This is precisely the challenge the Transition conference will endeavor to address. During the event, industry leaders including Unilever SVP Marc Mathieu and Lit Motors founder Danny Kim will discuss how technology is reshaping the enterprise.

Click here for more information, and to download the whitepaper outlining the keys for unlocking the opportunity in this age of transition.

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