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Want to Monetize Your Social Media Following? Here’s One Way

For those who’ve been wondering how to monetize their social media following, a new content-creation subscription site might be the answer.

ConnectPal allows any person to provide content and any person to subscribe to that content without the content provider paying startup or hosting fees.


Once signed up for a free profile, ConnectPal content creators can set a monthly subscription price for their content, according to the company. It’s similar to a Facebook profile, except there’s a price to have access to someone’s news feed.

Currently, more than 200 content creators provide content to paying subscribers. Those users include radio show hosts, gamers, nutritionists, churches, YouTubers, teachers and others.

“ConnectPal allows any person to have a Glenn Beck-style subscription business in less than 60 seconds at no cost,” said Andy Dean, ConnectPal CEO and Founder.

Dean is a former Clear Channel Nationally Syndicated Radio Host with more than 1.5 million listeners and was the youngest candidate to compete on NBC’s The Apprentice.

Earlier this month, radio legend Neal Boortz, who has 6 million weekly listeners, joined ConnectPal at $4.99 a month. ConnectPal also handles the business side of things for users, including credit card processing and content hosting.

“There isn’t much competition right now,” Dean said. “That’s why we have grown so fast.  There’s Kickstarter and Patreon — but those websites are for people looking for handouts.  ConnectPal is for legitimate content creators who provide value for paying subscribers. ConnectPal is a subscription system for the future, it is not a tip jar.”

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