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13 Free High Resolution Grungy Photocopy Textures

Grungy textures are versatile resources that can be used as backgrounds and overlays in your designs to add dirty distressed effects. Broken photocopiers produce some of the best textures around, combining black and white tones with heavy grain which is perfect for retrofying your designs with aged looks. I’ll let you in on a little secret, these textures were actually created by abusing my scanner, but they contain all the characteristics of photocopy toner malfunctions.

13 Free Photocopy Textures

This pack of grungy photocopy textures contains 13 high resolution scans full of grainy tonal gradients. Use them as backgrounds to your designs, apply them as layer masks, or paste one in as an overlay and change the blending mode to produce cool texturing effects. Each texture also looks great when inverted to black on white, providing loads more ways to use these resources in your projects.

Download the Grungy Photocopy Textures 47mb

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