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Sell Yourself as a Project Manager

A project manager looking like a used car salesman.If you have been keen on a project management role for some time then you might think that once you achieve this the hard work is over. However, you should approach this as being just one more step in your career instead of being the final one. There is presumably still plenty to get done before you get the career satisfaction you want.

Once you are working as project manager you still need to sell yourself in order to get given better pieces of work to handle and maybe get promoted within your company or head hunted by a different one. So how will you do this?

Talk a Good Game

When I first started my new life as a project manager the area I was least comfortable with was the fact that I would have to talk a good game. Having come from an operational background I was far more used to getting the job done and not sitting around talking about what I was going to do or what I had already done. This meant that I was at a serious disadvantage when it came to getting noticed by my boss as other project managers in my team were only too happy to tell the world about what a great job they had done on their last piece of work. I reckon that the key here is in finding the balance between getting the job done and talking about it. You certainly won’t want to become known as being the type of project manager who shoots off their mouth but never actually does what they claim they will. This is quite a tricky issue and it could take you some time to get it right.

Look the Part

If you want important people to take notice of you then you are going to have look the part, aren’t you? This is another part of selling yourself which might not come naturally to all of us but which we can’t afford to completely ignore. If you want the people who matter in your organisation to see you as a professional project manager then you will want them to be impressed with how you dress each day. You never know when one of the bosses will come round to your work area so it is important that you take the same level of care over your aspect every day. If you aren’t sure what level of formality to use at work then take a look at the people around and see what they use, especially the bosses.

Know Who to Talk To

Another vital issue is that of knowing who you should talk to in order to make a strong impression and move your career in the right direction. Not everyone you come into contact with will have the same potential effect on your career so it is vital that you know who you should be most selling yourself to. This doesn’t mean that you take some people for granted or ignore them but it does mean that if you are smart you will channel your best efforts into speaking to those people whom you feel can play the biggest part in helping you get better projects and a more rewarding career in general.

Make Yourself Known

I am quite sure that the issue of not getting yourself well enough known among the hierarchy of the firm is a common one. We all want to be recognised for not doing a great job but it is probably fair to say that not all of us push our claims for promotion, a salary increase and other benefits as strongly as we could. If you want to get on in your career then it definitely helps to make yourself known in any way you can. By becoming more of a high profile project manager within the organisation you can expect to push your career forward more than you might otherwise do. Of course, you can also do this outside of your current job by using online tools to get your profile out there and known to anyone who could currently be looking for a great project manager like you. The best project management jobs won’t come and find you so you need to do all you can to make sure that you get your profile seen. This might meant adding yourself to LinkedIn, writing a blog or making a name for yourself online in any other way you can think of.

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