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Stop Getting So Cranky at Work

cranky-project-managerIf you sometimes find that you get too cranky at work then it is time to do something about it before it becomes a lasting problem for you. This sort of attitude isn’t going to help you progress in your career, won’t help you build up strong working relationships and will make you feel bad about yourself as well. All in all, it is one of the worst kinds of mood you can get into at work if you are project manager.  So how can you do this? Let’s take it one step at a time and see how to do it.

Work Out What the Problem Is

Do you really not know why you now get more irritated than you used to do? Deep down you probably do, so thinking about it for a while might be all that you need to do in order to start the process of making yourself feel a lot better. Firstly you need to see whether it is a work related issue or something from your personal life. If it is related to your current project then it should be easier to resolve but in either case we need to take the time to fully understand it first. Do you need to ask for more support or to find a way of understanding the work issues more clearly, for example? I have always found that I get cranky when I don’t feel as though I am as fully in control of a situation as I would like to be but I realise that everyone will have their own personal triggers. After a while you should understand how these triggers work and be able to find a way to stop them affecting you so often.

Do Something About It

Now that you know what the problem is you will do something about it, won’t you? This might be the hardest part of the entire process, as it could involve you facing up to your fears or causing some awkward moments. However, it is going to be worth it if resolve this issue once and for all. If you don’t do this then the bad feelings could drag on over your entire project so it is definitely something to do as soon as you can, even if this means confronting an awkward stakeholder or speaking to your boss about any aspect of the work.

Change Your Routine

Another possibility is that it is something in your daily routine which is causing you to feel unhappy at work. The good news is that a project manager has more scope for changing their routine than most people do. By working out that this is the problem then you will have made a good start to sorting this matter out. Perhaps you need to start earlier and finish earlier or move certain tasks like team meetings to a time when you are more in the mood for them. There are many different ways of changing a project manager’s routine and you might find that this is a simple solution to your problems. You can then have the option of switching things around again in the future if you feel the need to do so.

Find a Way to Relax    

Possibly the most useful piece of advice but the most difficult to follow is that of being more relaxed at work. It is easy to get caught up in the tension and issues of a project and end up so stressed out that you get cranky over nothing every day. The worst thing about getting into an irritable state like this is that it affects everyone else in the team as well, as well as everyone else you come into contact with. When the project manager is struggling to put a smile on their face the whole piece of work faces a big struggle. My favourite way of relaxing during a tough project is by getting away from my PC as much as possible. This could mean holding a team get together or it could mean just wandering round the office and chatting to people. There are many other ways you can look to relax at work so if you feel that bring uptight is causing you a problem then there are solutions you can look for. If you find the right way forward then this will help you enjoy your work and you will probably feel better outside of the office as well.

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