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Which Cartoon Character Would You Have on Your Project Team?

doraMy little girl makes sure that I see plenty of cartoons even when I would rather be doing something else like sleeping. If it isn’t Dora running about with that annoying little monkey of hers it is that little boy who thinks he is a knight from the Middle Ages.

Anyway, as I tried to close my tired eyes and block out the singing of the Backyardigans this morning I fell into a strange kind of stupor in which I imagined working on a project with some cartoon characters. Here are some of the people and animals who I started to think about as project workers, and my thoughts on how they might get on.

Top Cat

This cat is one cool dude. I think I remember reading that he was known as Boss Cat in the USA, or maybe he changed his name at some point. Anyway, this is a vintage cartoon which I would love to see again sometime soon. How would this alley cat cope in the project world, though? He is certainly smart enough to do a great job but he seems to have a poor attitude and some problems with authority. All in all, I think I would try and move him off the team and try to get the enthusiastic Choo Choo on board in his place. Benny also has a habit of asking the right questions but isn’t really the sharpest cat in the alley. Of course, things could take a turn for the worse if any of these friendly felines were on your team and Office Dibble turned out to be one of the stakeholders.

The Pink Panther

I bet that you can’t read the name of this classic cartoon character without the funky theme tune popping into your head, can you? He’s a shrewd sort of panther who has been around for decades now. While he was never my favourite TV character as a kid I think that he has enough street smarts to do a good job for you. Can you imagine sitting in an important meeting with your stakeholders when his theme tune starts up and he comes sidling into the meeting room?

Boo Boo

This little bear is a great problem solver, isn’t he? Even if you think that you are smarter than the average project manager you could still end up running into trouble like his friend Yogi Bear does. Yet, Boo Boo would sort the situation out every time like a real team player. I haven’t seen this cartoon in years and my daughter has no idea who he is but I will definitely be looking for a DVD for her now.

Mr Magoo  

Would a team member being extremely nearsighted cause a problem in your team? I guess you wouldn’t want to let Mr Magoo near any important documents in case he accidentally destroyed them but he always seems to come out his mishaps unscathed. I can imagine this experienced chap running important meetings for you but I can’t guarantee that he wouldn’t walk into the broom cupboard by mistake and start talking to pieces of cleaning equipment instead of your stakeholders.

Scooby Doo and Shaggy

I guess you would need to hire both of these characters to work for you as a team. They never seem to quite know what they are doing but things always seem to work out in the end (which is a common theme in the cartoon world it would seem). You will want to have a plate full of Scooby snacks at your future team meetings, of course, to keep them motivated. As long as they don’t bring along the argumentative and frankly rather pointless Scrappy Doo they could be a decent addition to the team.

SpongeBob SquarePants

This is the only character on the list which my daughter has ever seen. This either says something about the recent drop in the standards of cartoons or else the fact that I am stuck in a time warp with cartoons from my own childhood. This is one of the few modern cartoons I enjoy watching but would Bob help you lead a successful project? He certainly seems to have a knack of running into problems and ludicrous situations but maybe his unending reserves of enthusiasm and naïve good humour will be enough to see him through. If he turns up one day with a friend called Patrick don’t let this guy on your team, though.

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