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Hershey’s, Godiva Among Most Popular Candy Brands Around Valentine’s Day

Love and chocolate are among the most popular topics this time of year.

While it’s hard to quantify love into a Facebook page, Falcon Social took a look at the top candy makers on Facebook around Valentine’s Day.

When Falcon Social analyzed the most popular chocolate or Valentine’s day sweet brands on Facebook, in terms of fanbase, Hershey’s Kisses topped the field, followed by Lindt Chocolate USA and Dove Chocolate.

image009As far as engagement, Jacques Torres Chocolate Page (in purple) paced the pack, with Necco (maker of the popular Sweethearts candies) in second place.

image002But which brand talked about Valentine’s Day the most?

According to Falcon Social, that would be Godiva.

Blog-image-Mention-choc-list-820x400Falcon Social’s Caroline Henley discussed Godiva’s popularity on social media:

The top trending keywords for these brands together with “AND valentine” are: coupons.com; walgreens; deals. This makes a lot of sense–many of the stores and pharmacies that sell these brands offer coupons and deals leading up to Valentine’s Day. We’ll see how this shifts as the brands become more aggressive in their owned campaigns in the coming days.

The day after the Super Bowl, Godiva shot up in mentions. To figure out why, we opened the Godiva section in the listening report. You’ll see the top mentions are news sources that picked up a press release announcing a campaign called “Game Over, Game On.” The campaign plays on the bridge between the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day, starring comedian Rob Riggle. Now that the Super Bowl is over, it’s time to get ready for Valentine’s Day, says Godiva. Football fans can still “get their game on” by “scoring” this Valentine’s Day.

Readers: Which candy maker is your favorite (on social media)?

Image courtesy of Brent Hofacker / Shutterstock.com.

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