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12 Valentines Day gifts for data lovers

At Loves Data, Valentine’s day is an extra special time of year because it’s important to show your loved one how much you care about them (particularly if you mention it in your business name)

To reiterate our love for data we’ve compiled a short list of gifts that you can give to other tech and data lovers.

1. Send a heartfelt card

If your significant other understands these, they’re a keeper

To the SEO of your dreams

SEO love heart google
Source: My Marketer

This endearing truth bomb

my love for you has no bugs
Source: Pop Sugar

Any Coders in the crowd?

Source: Sass and Coffee

If they’re a pun enthusiast, definitely marriage material.

Source: @stagemanagrr

From one font lover to another

Source: The Positive Posters

2. Use Google to express your love

Make like Tripple J’s morning show and use Google Translate to speak a remixed love poem to Google maps. Listen to Louis McKirdy’s mix here.

If rapping isn’t your forte you could create a Google Maps App to develop a scavenger hunt for your one true love. This software engineer chose strategic spots in the city where a friend was waiting with a rose and a password hint allowing her to continue her journey to the next location. He was waiting at the final destination (the venue of their second date) where he proposed #awwww

Google maps app romantic scavenger hunt proposal
Source: Channel Pro Network

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Graph this on Google and see what it will do!

google valentines graph


3. Get Visualising

Use data to visualise the wonder of your love, like Drake did. Here’s a snippet from his marriage proposal in the form of an infographic, Stacy you’re one lucky gal!
Infographic proposal data visualisation

(see the rest of the inforgraphic on our Pinterest board)

4. Old school mix tape

Romance is not dead! Make your Valentine a mix tape of the songs that make you think of them; don’t have a cassette player anymore? That’s ok, you can buy this retro style USB  disguised as a cassette to load with your favourite tunes.

USB mix tape romance love

5. Just send an email full of GIFs & memes with this guy (who’s name is Data… Star Trek anyone?)

Google Glass has come a long way

GIF Data from Star trek trying Google glass equivalent
Source: Giphy

6.  Cute 8 bit graphics for the gamers in your life

mario flower valentines
Source: Etsy


without you hearts losing life
Source: Think Geek


8 bit heart mugs gamer
Source: Geek Alerts

heart containers data coding 8 bit
Source: Etsy

7. Create a romantic QR code

Romantic QR code Loves Data

8. Say it with the best love language of all, food

chocolate pie graph
Source: Mary and Matt

Yes that’s a chocolate pie graph. We know. It’s the most beautiful thing in the history of the universe.

(& coffee of course)

Starbucks love coffee takeaway cup
Source: Instagram

Particularly if you agree with this sentiment;

jake the dog loves food more than most people
Source: Tumblr

9. Be honest

iphone valentine i love you
Source: Etsy

all you need is love realism
Source: Instagram

At least this response is better than “I know”

handwritten text messages valentines love
Source: Kindergarchy

10. 3d print something wildly romantic

Like a model of you and your significant other to creepily look at you from the mantel piece (or in this case your wedding cake)

3d printed couple

A long stem rose that never dies

3d-printed-long stem rose

This wizardry

gear-3d-printed-pink-love- moving parts

Or better yet, save someones life

3D-printed_heart-saves life

11. Write a poem to data and have a #crafternoon in your office like we did

Love-poem-to-data by loves data




More of our masterpieces are here

12. Actions speak louder than words


girl gives up wifi for valentine illustration etsy
Source: Etsy

Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments!

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