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BuzzFeed’s Ze Frank Buzzed About Facebook Auto-Play Videos

BuzzFeedLogo650Ze Frank, president of BuzzFeed Motion Pictures, discussed the importance of auto-play videos on Facebook at the Code/Media conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Laguna Niguel, Calif., Tuesday.

Frank told Peter Kafka of Re/code that only 5 percent of BuzzFeed’s 950 million monthly video views come via its homepage, adding that the publisher’s videos are syndicated on 26 platforms, with YouTube and Facebook by far the most important.

While YouTube drives more traffic to BuzzFeed, Frank said of Facebook:

It’s very, very significant. Facebook’s decision to lean into auto-play has really fundamentally changed the way we think about the first five seconds of content.

Frank said the BuzzFeedVideo channel on YouTube has totaled more than 2 billion views, compared with 644 million for CNN and 66 million for Mashable.

What’s next for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures? More long-form content, according to Frank.

Readers: Were you surprised at how little of BuzzFeed’s video traffic comes from its homepage?

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