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Execution Labs Reveals Teams in Newest Accelerator Program

PewDiePie OutermindsExecution Labs, an accelerator and investment platform for independent game developers, has announced the five teams in its newest Pre-Production Accelerator program. Where previous programs have focused on free-to-play mobile games, this newest group of participants is more varied.

This isn’t to say mobile isn’t once again represented in the system, as Montreal’s Outerminds has partnered with YouTube sensation PewDiePie for the development of a pixel art mobile game (pictured). Outerminds won the No. 5 spot in the Indies vs. PewDiePie game jam in late 2014, attracting the attention of the YouTube star and triggering the development of this new game. Outerminds’ new title is a survival platformer, and is being developed with “significant input” from PewDiePie’s active community of fans.

Other developers in this program include Sand Sailor Studio, a Romanian team working on a side-scrolling title called Black: The Fall, which will release on PC first, before being ported to console and mobile devices. Next is Slovenia’s PouPou Interactive, which is developing a three-on-three cross-platform melee brawler called Imanari, also in development for PC and mobile, which will likely contain specific characters for each platform.

The two final studios are Cardboard Utopia, which is working on a JRPG called War of Zodiarcs, and Nine Dots Studio, a team at work on an open world survival RPG called Beyond the Walls.

Execution Lab’s three-month program provides “high-potential” developers with the funding, guidance and access they need to secure production funding for their titles, as well as build their own sustainable studios. The platform is meant for teams with a prototype of a title, but those that have yet to enter the production phase of development. More information on the Pre-Production Accelerator is available here.

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