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Facebook Letting Bored Users Choose Breaks of 1-28 Days?

AutomaticallyReactivateRather than ignoring Facebook fatigue, the social network is apparently testing a feature that it hopes will lure back users who choose to deactivate their accounts.

MarketWatch reported that some users who deactivate their Facebook profiles are being shown the option to automatically reactivate those profiles at any time between one day and 28 days, with the users choosing the time period during which their accounts will remain dormant.

MarketWatch also cited studies by Cornell University, finding that around one-third of Facebook users take breaks from the social network by deactivating their profiles (no data is lost, and the account returns as-is when users choose to reactivate), and by the University of Vienna, which found that users who quit Facebook are most likely to be male (71 percent), with an average age of 31 and concerns about privacy.

Rutgers University media professor Aram Sinnreich told MarketWatch:

It’s got a whiff of desperation about it, but also a clever recalibration of the company’s priorities. This shows that Facebook is becoming aware that its old role as the only network in town is eroding, and that consumers have a broader variety of choice than they used to and, therefore, a greater degree of leverage in relation to Facebook.

Readers: Have you ever deactivated your Facebook accounts?

Screenshot courtesy of MarketWatch.

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