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Facebook, Loop Transportation OK Teamsters Pact for Shuttle-Bus Drivers

LoopTransportationBus650The tale of the Facebook shuttle-bus drivers may have a happy ending after all, as Facebook and contractor Loop Transportation agreed to a contract negotiated by Teamsters Local 853, USA Today reported.

The contract addresses issues including higher wages ($27.50 per hour, up from $18), better benefits and a shift differential to compensate drivers for working split shifts covering the morning and evening rush hours, according to USA Today.

Benefits in the new pact include 11 paid holidays, up to five weeks of paid vacation, a minimum six-hour day and paid overtime, USA Today reported.

Teamsters Local 853 international vice president and secretary-treasurer Rome Aloise said in a statement, as reported by USA Today:

With this contract, Facebook drivers at Loop have made life-changing improvements, and they are paving the way for other shuttle drivers in Silicon Valley to come together and improve their lives. We appreciate Loop and Facebook working cooperatively to recognize the important service the drivers perform day in and day out.

And Loop CEO Jeff Leonoudakis said in an email to USA Today:

Drivers are the backbone of Loop’s business, and our goal has always been to provide them with the best possible wages, benefits and working conditions. We have an agreement in principle for a better package for our drivers and are waiting for final sign-off.

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