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Facebook’s Ad Images Checklist

AdImagesCheatSheetWith the occasional exception, the majority of the Facebook marketing sector believes in the power of images, and the social network provided a cheat sheet to help brands determine what to look for in images for their ads.

Facebook introduced its tips as follows:

It’s said that a picture’s worth 1,000 words, but when it comes to digital ads, the right image can mean so much more: the difference between being noticed or ignored, between helping your business’ bottom line or not.

And it shared these best practices:

  • Show the interesting part of your business: Grab people’s attention with images of your people, products and environment.
  • Avoid distracting image elements, like bad lighting: You want people to pay attention to your image, not your image quality.
  • Match your image to your message: Your image and words should individually convey your message but also complement each other.
  • Use images that incite emotion: Emotion is a powerful tool for connecting with your audience.
  • Use images that reflect your brand: Include your brand’s color or products in your images.
  • Stay consistent: Ad images should look and feel the same across channels so customers recognize your messages.
  • Refresh your images: Ad campaigns fatigue over time, so review performance and update your images when you see ad performance dip.

Readers: Anything to add?

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