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Friends Don’t Let Friends Use Uber on New Year’s Eve

If there’s one thing you can count on this evening, it’s Uber surge pricing. They’ve had a tough year, but it looks like the company might have finally gotten the message: Be clear about things.

This morning, they sent an email to users explaining that rides home after the ball drops are going to be really expensive, so request one at midnight or just don’t go home, ever. In New York, they didn’t bother dropping a price, but in other markets, Uber warned customers of the exact dollar amount that 12:30 a.m. ride will cost:

Great chart from @Uber_LDN on when the cheapest time to book a cab home tonight will be. #NYEpic.twitter.com/f3T5JoDAHA

— Nikki Barr (@_ikkin_) December 31, 2014

They suggest splitting a fare with fellow merry-makers if you must go home at some point. The only upshot? If you can remember to type in MADDNYE before you request that car, you can donate $1 to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving.

Can’t believe tomorrow is already NYE! Uber drivers are about to make so much money!

— Timothy DeLaGhetto (@Traphik) December 31, 2014

Bah, humbug.

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