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Gmail’s Inbox comes to more devices and browsers

Google has announced that Inbox by Gmail (Google’s new take on streamlining email, tasks and appointments) is now available on iPad and Android tablets, as well as being supported on Firefox and Safari.

Gmail Inbox on Tablets
Source: Gmail

The announcement means there are now more ways for people to access Inbox. However, Inbox continues to only be available for personal accounts – people using Google Apps for Work are unable to use the product.

Haven’t heard of Inbox by Gmail? The product provides another way to view emails and information stored in Gmail – automatically grouping and highlighting the most relevant information.

Inbox features include:

  • Bundles which are like Gmail categories
  • Highlights which show you key information
  • Reminders based on things you need to do
  • Assists show you details, like phone numbers and map location
  • Snooze lets you mute emails and reminders for later

If you want an invitation to use Inbox, then email inbox@google.com to request and invite.

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