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Grokker Wellness Video Network Launches on iOS


Wellness-focused online video network Grokker announced the release of its iOS application, allowing users to watch and share more than 3,500 fitness, yoga and cooking tutorial videos. Optimized for iOS 8, users can track their calories burned after completing fitness videos in Health Kit.

With Grokker, users of all skill and fitness levels can browse or search for videos based on a variety of subcategories or workout lengths. This includes everything from a specialized yoga workout that focuses just on twists and forward flows, to an ab-intensive Pilates routine, an aerobic routine for building core strength and much more.

GrokkerCooking videos, meanwhile, offer healthy snack and meal ideas, which may focus on gluten-free cooking, or specific types of food (like Chinese or Italian) as examples. Regardless of category, if users find a teacher or expert they particularly like, they can follow them to view any future content they’re featured in, or easily browse the rest of their videos.

In each major category (yoga, fitness and cooking), users can browse featured videos, trending videos within the community and more. Each video can be played instantly from within the app, or can be saved for viewing later. Users can post “likes” on their favorite videos and manually sort them into collections for easier future viewing.

Grokker’s video library includes more than 1,000 videos of premium content, which users can unlock via a monthly subscription of $14.99. These premium videos are shot and produced in-house at Grokker, and are hosted by “hand-selected experts.” Users can post comments on these premium videos, or ask experts for help on each topic.

Grokker is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. Users who register a new account via the app receive access to Grokker Premium for free for 90 days.

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