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INFOGRAPHIC: Creating Strong Visual Content

Content has to be eye-catching to win the battle for eyeballs, and Market Domination Media teamed up with HubSpot to provide marketers with three keys to creating strong visual content, as well as a five-step process for accomplishing that task.

Market Domination Media and HubSpot said in introducing their infographic:

Visual content can be extremely engaging when done correctly. The trouble is that many business owners set out to create visual content and it doesn’t perform as expected. You can’t just throw up an infographic and expect social shares to magically happen. You need to create a piece of visual content that tells your story and really sucks the reader in.

The three keys to strong visual content, according to the two companies, are:

  • Consistent color range.
  • Fonts that match your message.
  • Use of social media templates.
  • And the five-step process from Market Domination Media and HubSpot:

  • Identify an awesome topic.
  • Select the best content type.
  • Create an attractive and effective design.
  • Identify potential content promoters.
  • Create a promotional strategy.
  • Readers: Anything to add?



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