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New App to Manage your Facebook Ads

Last week, Facebook announced their new flexible product ads, and now that they have more than two million active advertisers, they’ve just launched a new iOS app so you can manage Facebook ads on the go!

The need for mobile-friendly and smartphone-compatible technologies has been a growing trend for not just consumers but marketers as well. There’s a high demand for an app that advertisers can use on their mobile devices, so, last year, Facebook released their Ads Manager Mobile site. Now, they’re making advertising even easier, with the roll-out of the Facebook Ads Manager for iOS application.

The app is fantastic for monitoring your existing campaigns and creating brand new ones. With the touch of your fingertips, you now have the power to:

  • See how many people you’ve reached and the actions they took
  • Edit and optimise your existing ads, fix any typos or change your images
  • Edit your target audience
  • Change budgets and schedules
  • Monitor your campaigns with Facebook’s notifications – you’ll be notified when your ads are ending, if you’ve reached your spend cap and on how your ads are performing
  • Upload new ads or save drafts and finish them later

You can even create ads within the app. You’re able to pull photographs from your phone’s photo library or select a page post.

Facebook Ads App

You can find your target demographic using simple buttons and sliders as well update your payment details, budget and schedules.

Facebook Ads App

Currently, you can only download it if you’re in the US but it should be available worldwide within a few weeks. If you’re an Android user, don’t worry too much, Facebook’s in the process of creating an Android app to be launched later in the year.

We’re loving the growing trend of user-friendly mobile applications such as Google’s new Inbox by Google that allow us greater flexibility and the ability to use products ‘on the go.’ What’s your favourite mobile application for work? How has it helped you? Let us know in the comments!

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