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Sharing your iPhone Health Data for Medical Research

Apple has announced that people will be able to share the health data collected on their iPhone to aid medical research.

The newly announced (and open source) ResearchKit allows data to be shared from the Health app, including blood pressure, weight, glucose levels and other data collected from the iPhone’s built-in sensors.

A number of apps have already been released, including the Share The Journey app which is looking to understand why some breast cancer survivors recover quicker than others and identify ways to improve symptoms.

iPhone ResearchKit Dashboard
Source: Apple

Eric Schadt, a Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine says, “When it comes to researching how we can better diagnose and prevent disease, numbers are everything. By using Apple’s new ResearchKit framework, we’re able to extend participation beyond our local community and capture significantly more data to help us understand how asthma works”.

The coming release of Apple’s Watch, is likely to see even more data becoming available, including heart rate and physical activity. Who knows, the next medical research breakthrough might involve your phone or your watch.

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