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Twitter brings teams to TweetDeck

Twitter’s just announced they’re helping people share access to a Twitter account by bringing teams to TweetDeck. The web and app versions of TweetDeck has been updated, allowing you to share the management of Twitter accounts with additional team members. This allows brands to give access to accounts without having to share passwords. It also makes it easier to add and remove people who are managing accounts and inspires collaboration between an account’s users.

TweetDeck by Twitter describes itself as “the most powerful Twitter tool for real-time tracking, organising, and engagement”.

Steps to set up teams:

Log in and head to ‘Accounts’, select your team and type the name of the account you want to grant access to. Once you select ‘Authorise’, an email will be sent to your team member – and all they need to do is accept. If you want to give some people control over adding and removing members, you can give them the full administrator access. Otherwise, add them as contributors. When they’re inside TweetDeck they’ll be able to Tweet, build lists, follow and unfollow other accounts.

If you’re already sharing a Twitter account, you can change the password and then use TweetDeck to allow people to manage the account. For an added measure of security, you can use login verification. This means that not only do you need a password, but Twitter will send a verification code to your phone every time you log in, helping you keep your account secure.

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