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Twitter Gives Vine (for iOS) a Speed Boost

Twitter wants to make sure you get to your Vines as quickly as possible. The company on Wednesday announced that it has made Vine even faster, even if the user is offline or on airplane mode.

Vine Senior iOS Engineer Michel Loenngren explained in a blog post:

There are a few key changes we made to improve speed and make it possible to watch Vines when you don’t have an internet connection:
– We’ve done a lot of work to make sure the app starts downloading content, including your home feed, your activity notifications and Vines in Explore, before you even open it.
– We’ve also implemented network caching and introduced a new, smaller video file size that can be downloaded much faster when someone has a slower internet connection.

Loenngren said that while these updates are for the iOS app, they’re working on making the Android app faster, as well.

Readers: How else could Vine be improved?

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