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Will Cinemagraphs Take Facebook, Instagram by Storm?

EccoDomaniCinemagraph650Ad agencies and brands are taking advantage of Facebook’s auto-play video capabilities with cinemagraphs, a type of GIF photo where only one piece of the image is moving, SocialTimes parent Adweek reported.

An unnamed ad executive told Adweek Facebook released a guide for marketers called “Hacking Facebook Autoplay,” adding:

You’re going to start seeing a ton of these on Facebook. Because of auto-play, brands need to be doing more with this stuff. This is something that plays out with motion in the feed that’s cool. Advertisers buy it just like video.

Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck have been using the cinemagraphs format for ads on Tumblr, and they are now turning their attention to Facebook and Instagram, envisioning those two social networks as ideal platforms for their work.

Burg told Adweek in a phone interview that he and Beck were experimenting when they came upon the idea of “isolated motion,” or just one subtle part of the GIF images moving, and he added:

People can’t stop staring at them. Isn’t that what advertisers want?

We’ve had all kinds of new inquiries. They don’t want video that’s so noisy; they want a cinemagraph because it has more elegance.

Burg and Beck told Adweek they and their Ann Street Studio have been consulting on cinemagraph projects with Facebook due to the complexity of the format, adding that they often take weeks to create.

Examples of cinemagraphs in action, created by Ann Street Studio, follow:

Readers: What are your initial impressions of cinemagraphs?

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