Social Media Newsfeed: White House Hires Facebook Engineer | Worldwide InstaMeet

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White House Hires ‘Impressive’ Facebook Engineer as IT Head (Mashable)
The White House on Thursday announced a new addition to its growing team of in-house techies: Facebook Engineering Director David Recordon. Recordon will serve as director of White House Information Technology when he starts in a few weeks, according to a Medium blog post from Anita Decker Breckenridge, White House deputy chief of staff. Re/code According to a White House press release, Recordon will “ensure that the technology utilized by the White House is efficient, effective and secure.” Obama has brought a handful of Silicon Valley tech people into the White House over the past year. NBC News At Facebook, Recordon worked on tech governing everything from human resources and video conferences to physical security. If the position works well and whips the White House into better shape technologically, those tools and practices might trickle down to other areas of government, the announcement hinted — though considering some members of Congress have never even sent an email, that may be too much to hope. Fast Company Last year, the administration hired onetime Google engineer Mikey Dickerson to head up the newly minted U.S. Digital Service, a tech apparatus formed last summer to take the lessons of the debacle and improve the way the federal government utilizes technology. The White House has since hired talent with resumes that include such companies as Twitter, LinkedIn, eBay, and Skype. USA Today In related news, President Obama signed a directive Thursday in an effort to “maintain the president’s exclusive control of the information resources” provided to the White House. The White House did not immediately explain the purpose of the memorandum, which gives the president the power “to specify the application of operating policies and procedures” used in any system that provides information to the White House.

How Brands Can Take Part in Worldwide InstaMeet 11 (SocialTimes)
With Worldwide InstaMeet 11 coming up this weekend, Instagram provided an example of how brands can take advantage of the event. In a post on the Instagram for Business blog, the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network spotlighted an effort last year by shoe company Toms and Los Angeles-based photographer Pete Halvorsen, in which Instagram users from the Los Angeles area gathered at the Toms flagship store in Venice Beach, Calif., to shoot photos and clean up trash in the area.

Medium for iOS Now Lets You Write and Publish Directly from the App (The Next Web)
Medium for iOS Thursday received a much-needed update to allow users to write and publish drafts on the go. The app even allows you to write a post using voice dictation if you’re feeling too poetic to type.

Why This Starbucks PR Exec Deleted His Twitter Account (Fortune)
Corey duBrowa, Starbucks senior vice president of global communications, got into a bit of a tussle on Twitter earlier this week over his company’s new “Race Together” campaign, aimed at getting baristas to talk about race relations with customers. A lot of people weren’t so fond of the idea, and they let duBrowa know.

LinkedIn Launches ‘Influencer Interviews’ Video Series (LostRemote)
LinkedIn has debuted its 2015 Influencer Interviews series that is shot from its Empire State Building video studio and hosted by Roth. Roth conducts short interviews with thought leaders, and the videos of the interviews are featured on two posts: one with Roth’s thoughts and the other with the interviewee’s thoughts.

Official: School Superintendents Blindsided By PARCC Social Media Monitoring (CBS)
School superintendents felt blindsided to learn a PARCC standardized test company is monitoring students’ social media for cheating, the head of a school administrators group said. As CBS2’s Meg Baker reported, Patricia Morgan, with the Department of Education, explained that PARCC test vendor Pearson hired a third party, Caveon Test Security, to monitor all public social media posts by students.

Report: Brands in Japan Still Attribution Novices, Embracing Retargeting (SocialTimes)
Marketers in Japan are lagging behind their counterparts in the U.S. and Europe when it comes to attribution. However, retargeting is making its mark in the Land of the Rising Sun, according to the latest research from AdRoll, a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Google Reportedly Blackmailed Websites into Giving it Content for Free (The Verge)
In 2012, the Federal Trade Commission investigated Google to determine whether the company’s monopoly on the search market violated anti-trust laws. The Commission ultimately accepted a settlement with the search giant, but a confidential FTC report obtained by The Wall Street Journal reveals how deeply divided the Commission was over whether to sue.

Sqeeqee Aims to Find Out If ‘Social Networthing’ is Really Possible (SocialTimes)
The latest competitor vying for social media market share, Sqeeqee, calls itself a”social networthing” site and “the first-of-its-kind money-making social media network.” Users can do everything on Sqeeqee that they might already do on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and eBay, as well as start crowd-funding platforms and raise money for their own charities.

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Social Media Newsfeed: Send $ on Facebook Messenger | Reporting Threats to Twitter

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Newest Facebook Messenger Feature: Send Money to Friends (SocialTimes)
While your friend might love Pusheen stickers, Facebook’s latest update to its Messenger app allows friends to send something just as precious: money. Facebook announced Tuesday that friends can now send money to each other using the app. The Next Web The app now features a small “$” sign above the the keyboard, which will lead you to a payments interface. Just enter the amount you want to send, and tap pay to send money. Re/code The money is then transferred through Facebook, which holds the money for “seconds” before sending it along to the other user’s bank, according to Facebook product manager Steve Davis. If the recipient doesn’t have a card attached to his or her account, Facebook will hold the money until they’ve set one up. Mashable Facebook users can only add their debit card information for now, a decision the company said was made to minimize fraud and avoid fees. (Popular peer-to-peer payments app Venmo lets users add credit cards but charges a 3 percent fee on each transaction.) The New York Times Given Facebook’s huge size and reach, the introduction of its payments feature — which has been highly anticipated by Wall Street — is likely to cause tremors in the nascent market for instantly sending money to individuals, known as peer-to-peer payments. WeChat, which is essentially the Facebook of China, and other Asia-based communications services like Alipay already allow their hundreds of millions of users to send money via instant message.

Twitter Makes it Easier to Report Threatening Tweets to Police (VentureBeat)
Twitter is rolling out a new feature that enables users to compile harassment reports to document threatening tweets. This release follows recent efforts from Twitter to crack down on harassment and bullying, including the company’s move to ban “intimate photos or videos” shared without consent.

Netflix is So Hot Right Now (LostRemote)
Netflix is steadily building up a real library of original content that goes far beyond “House of Cards.” And that’s not just because season three of “House of Cards” was a major disappointment.

Twitter Rocks! Rhapsody Kicks Off Free Songs Through Tweets (CNET)
The subscription-driven music service Rhapsody will allow its subscribers to share full songs on Twitter starting Tuesday, making it the first paid streaming music service to offer whole-track playback directly from a tweet. Followers on Twitter can listen to the song, regardless of whether they subscribe.

Glu Mobile Partners with Kendall and Kylie Jenner for Upcoming Mobile Game (SocialTimes)
Following the massive success of “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” on mobile and Facebook (pictured), Glu Mobile has announced its partnership with Kendall and Kylie Jenner for the development of a new mobile title. Kendall and Kylie’s likenesses were previously featured in “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood,” with this game expanding on the lives of the fashion personalities.

Three Odd Things IBM Learned About People from Studying Twitter (Business Insider)
Before IBM officially opened its new tweet analysis tool for business on Tuesday, it was testing the tool out with 100 companies. And in just a few short months of doing that, IBM learned some surprising discoveries, it said.

Adobe CMO Ann Lewnes: Brands Need to Study, Respect Relationships with Consumers (SocialTimes)
Just as quickly as the next hot app — say, Meerkat — can rise (and fall), social marketing trends can also shift. Adobe chief marketing officer Ann Lewnes — fresh off an interview with “Birdman” actor Michael Keaton — spoke with SocialTimes at the recent Adobe Summit about how to stay ahead in social marketing, the Apple Watch and the importance of data analysis.

Which Social Media Firm Dropped the Ball Over the Charlie Hebdo Attacks? (The Guardian)
A major social media firm was “frozen” with indecision over whether and how to share information with the police in the midst of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, according to journalist and academic Emily Bell. Speaking at SXSW in Austin, Texas, Bell – director, Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School – cited the case as a major example of the way social media firms are completely unprepared to adequately wield the power they have developed.

How Corporations Should Be Using Social Media (SocialTimes)
The bigger your business is, the more you’ll have to go out of your way to seem relatable. Sending out internal development news and impressive quotes won’t cut it, but here is what will.

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